Dealing with Internet & Networking Issues

Note: Search results for Carney Creations are listed AFTER the ad's in the results listing

Search Engine helpers:

Help refine what you're looking for. If you do a search for John Kennedy, and you put it in just like that, you'll end up finding site with John Jones, Ted Kennedy, Kennedy Space Center...all SORTS of stuff.

However, by using these symbols in your search, it'll help you refine more of what you're looking for

Symbol Reason Example
+ Both words MUST appear Bear +Alaska
- word must NOT appear Bear -Brown -Black
" " Exact word phrases "Brown Bears in Alaska"
NEAR words must appear within 10 words of each other Bears NEAR Alaska

Search with Goggle as a default

When doing a search on the internet, you probably have Bing being used for search results. However, I use Goggle a lot and would like that to be my default search engine. Here's how you can do the same:

Microsoft EDGE instruction:
Go to
Click on the ... at the top left
Click on Settings, then scroll down and click on View Advanced Settings
Scroll down until you see "Search in the address bar with"
It probably says on Change right below that
Click on Google Search, then click Set As Default
Internet Explorer instructions: Click on the gear icon at the top left and choose Manage Add On's
Click on Search Providers on the let
At the bottom left corner, click on Find More Search Providers
Scroll down to Google and click on 'Add', then click on 'Add' in the dialog box that pops ups
Click on the gear icon again at the top and choose Manage Add On's again
Click on Search Providers
Click on Google, then at the bottom click on Set As Default at the bottom right corner
Right above that, click on the blue word that says Move Up. That will make Google top priority and your default search provider

View a page with it's most recent updates

If you're viewing a page that you think may have changed since you last opened it, press the Refresh button (or press the F5 key on your keyboard) to get the latest and greatest version of that page. Whenever you press Refresh, IE looks to the server to see if the page has been updated.

Web Page shortcut on the desktop

Want a shortcut to your favorite Web site, right on your desktop? With this fix you can now drag the icon at the beginning of the address line to the desktop and have an actual shortcut icon there.

First you must disable Pinned Websites
If you have Windows Pro:
Go to Group Policy Editor
Go to: User Configuration / Administrative Templates / Windows Components / Internet Explorer
On the right side double click on Turn Off Ability to Pin sites
Choose 'Enable', click on OK
Close IE and re-open
Go to the site you want to have a shortcut on your desktop

If you have Windows Home version, you will need to manually add the entries to the registry this way:
Open regedit and navigate to:
Create a new key called: Internet Explorer
In there, create a new key called: Main
Create a new DWORD called: DisableAddSiteMode
Set the value to: 1
Navigate to:
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Policies\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main
Create a new DWORD called: DisableAddSiteMode, then set the value to: 1

Printing without internet address & title on the paper

Tired of seeing that URL and document title at the top of every Web page you send to the printer? Or the page, date, and time at the bottom? Pull down the File menu, choose Page Setup, and under Header and Footer, remove all the garbage you see in the white boxes for Headers And Footers Click OK, and now try printing something.

Printing Options

If you want to print a page your viewing that has frames, and you'd like to print the whole thing just as it appears on the screen, then choose File, Print. (You may have to click on an Options tab first here). At the bottom of the print dialog box, make your selection from the area labeled Print Frames.

1. As Laid Out On Screen: this will make your printout look just like the Web page you're printing.

2. Only the Selected Frame: that's all you'll get--just the frame that's currently selected.

3. All Frames Individually: you'll get a printed page for each frame displayed at the Web site.

Then click on OK to start your printing.

To have the background print also, you will need to first go to View, Internet Options, Advanced (tab), scroll down to Printing and place a checkmark in the box for Print Background Colors and Images. Just make sure that you go back and change it when you're done (unless you always want to print the background on all your prints.

Printing long web pages on 1 piece of paper

To have a quick copy of a long web page onto one piece of paper (like just to keep for a quick reference), in your program, click on Print. Select your printer, then click on Preferences, then the Layout (or maybe Features) tab. There's probably a box to put a check in for Multiple Pages.

Put the check in the box for Multiple Pages Per Sheet (or whatever it says), and make your choice of how many pages you want on one piece of paper.

Printing with less ink - No Background image printed

You don't really need the background image when you print a web just need the information (and maybe the pictures).

So, change the option:

Go to Tools, Internet Options, then click on the Advanced tab

Scroll down to where the Printing options are and ensure that the box is NOT checked for Print background colors and images.

Viewing Pages faster

One way to surf the Web a little faster is to do it without graphic images. Believe it or not, many times you can do just fine without those cool but time-consuming pictures.

Go to View, Options, Advanced (tab) and scroll down and take the checkmark off of Show Pictures.

Clear your Cache of pictures/images you've seen

Cache is a temporary file on your computer of each and every page and image you've visited when on the internet. It takes up space on your computer. Get rid of it periodically.

Go to Tools, Internet Options, (or Options, Internet Options)

In the second section for Temporary Internet Files, click on the Delete Files button. That will clean up your computer.

Link verification for your web page

Here's a URL address you can utilize to ensure that your links are working properly as well as structured properly. First click on the link below, then click on Single Page toward the top of the site.

Type your URL address and click on Go

Saving Images Problem (.bmp only choice)

When you can't right click on an image and choose Save As and save the image in anything but .bmp format, it's time to dump your temporary internet files.

In Internet Explorer, click on gear icon at the top right, then click on Internet Options
Click on Setting, then click on Delete...
Click on Delete.
This will delete your temporary internet files
You should then be able to save your images as the format they are (.jpg, .gif...or whatever it is)

Viewing with different fonts or size fonts

To change the font size for all web pages you look at:

Right click on a blank space at the top of Internet Explorer and choose Status Bar
At the very bottom right of Internet Explorer you'll see 100% with a down arrow.
Click on the down arrow and choose 125%
If that is to big, then click on the down arrow again and choose Custom. Then try 115% (which is what I use)

Navigating without a mouse

Give your arm a break. Instead of reaching out your arm using your mouse to click your way down a document, use your keyboard. All you need to do is press some buttons: Page Up or Page Down: Just like a word processor, it takes you up/down one screen page at a time. Ctrl+Home or Ctrl+End: Also like a word processor, it takes you to the beginning/end of a document.

Scrolling up and down looks bad for you?

If you find that when you scroll up/down a page, it starts to look a bit jerky, then you can adjust this so it will be better.

To fix it (it's not a bug, by the way), choose Tools, Internet Options and click on the Advanced tab. Now deselect the Use Smooth Scrolling check box and click Apply, then OK.

Toolbars that are un-needed/un-wanted

If you don't like all of those toolbars, click on View, Toolbars. All the ones that are presently showing will have a checkmark next to them. Just click on the one you don't want to make the checkmark go away.

Hint: You can make the buttons smaller by choosing View, Toolbars, Customize, then change at the bottom to read No Text Labels. You can always put them back with the same procedures.

Favorites Bar edited

You can have your own preset buttons for your quick link to a web page. I personally have links to my web site, my bank, my local weather, just to name a few).

Here's an example:

If you don't see the favorites bar, right click at the top of the browser and choose Favorites Bar
Go to the page you want to have a button for.
At the top left of the favorite bar, click on the first icon that is a yellow star.
Now right click on that new button and choose Rename.
Give it a short name so all of your buttons will fit.
NOTE OF CAUTION. If you click on that yellow star to many times, your bar will fill up REAL quick.
If you have to many and you want to trim it down, right click on any button there and choose Delete
You can even move them around. Just click on the button and drag it over to the new spot.
You can even change the icon that is displayed by right clicking on the icon, choose Properties, then click on Change icon. Go find an icons you want. Microsoft Edge:
Click on the 3-Dots icon at the top right, then click on Settings
Click on View Favorites Settings
Click on the icon that says 'Off' so it will turn on now
NOTE: You cannot change the Favorites bar icons in Edge. However, future updates may fix this issue.

Finding a site you visited yesterday

Yesterday you visited a site but didn't bookmark it. Today you need to back to that site because there was some information you wanted. Or you just decided that you want to bookmark it.

Click on the white star icon at the top right of the browser. Then click on the tab for History.
Now click once on the day of the week where that site would be. A drop-down list will appear of different main addresses. Scroll through the list of the homepage listings. Then click on one of them. Another drop-down list will appear. Just keep clicking the sites until you see the page in question.

Many of these sites can be viewed even if you are off line, pictures included.

Microsoft Edge: Click on the icon with 3 lines at the top right, then click on the circle icon to get to your history pages

Backup the Internet Connection settings

Keep a backup of all of your settings for connecting to the internet. Then if you have to re-format your computer (or get a new one), you can use this procedure to put it all back together.

Do so at your own risk...because this is in the Regedit

Open Regedit and navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\RemoteAccess. On the left side, click on the word RemoteAccess to select it, then choose Registry, Export Registry File.

When the Export Registry File dialog box appears, type a name and choose a location to save the information and save it.

To put it all back together after reformatting (or putting it on the new computer, just double click on that file and choose Yes to continue to put it in the Registry.

Passwords not being remembered

When you are trying to have a password saved in your browser and it's not giving you the opportunity, you need to turn them off, then turn them back on. Here's how:
First, then them off:
Chrome: Settings | AutoFill | Turn off Offer To Save...and Auto Signin
Edge: Go to Settings | Passwords & AutoFill | Turn off Saved Passwords
Intenet Explorer: Tools | Internet Options | Content (tab) | AutoComplete section click on Settings | Remove check boxes for bottom 2 items (User names... and As Me...)
Close the browser. Then reopen the browser and try again. After turning off and restarting the browser, you'll get the option to "Remember Password" dialog box again. Put the check in the box for that.
Then go back into the browser settings and turn them all back on (if they aren't already).

Passwords to stop being remembered

When you enter a user name and password, Internet Explorer may ask if you want it to remember the password. Click on Yes and it will automatically fill in the password next time you enter that user name.

But if you check "Don't offer to remember any more passwords", you won't be asked again.

Now you want to stop that's how:

Go to Tools, Internet Options. Click on the Content tab, then in the AutoComplete section, click on Settings.

Put a check in the boxes for "User Names and Passwords Form" and "Ask me before saving passwords"
Click on OK, then OK

To delete an individual passwords you've already saved, go back to Internet Options, click on the Content tab, then in the AutoComplete section, click on Settings
Now click on Manage Passwords.
Click on the line you want to delete, then click on Remove, then click on Yes.
Close the manager, then click on OK in the remaining dialog boxes

AutoComplete turned off completely

If you want AutoComplete turned off, and do NOT want to be bugged by the annoying reminder dialog box, you can edit the registry

Navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Policies\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Control Panel

You'll probably be missing Internet Explorer and Control Panel...just create them. Control Panel will be a subkey of Internet Explorer

If it's already there, then on the right side, double click on the DWORD value named FormSuggest

If it's not there, create it (New, DWORD Value and name it FormSuggest)

Set the value to 1

Close the registry

Internet Options available only to system administrator

I copied this tip from PCMagazine tips that I get in email...just in case **I** need to use it someday

If you can't get to Internet Options because of "restrictions" and you need to contact the "system administrator"

There are several possible causes of this problem, but we'll start with the simplest potential fix. Launch REGEDIT from the Start menu's Run dialog. Navigate to HKEY_ CURRENT_USER\Software\Policies\ Microsoft\Internet Explorer\ Restrictions. If you don't find the key, look for the same key but starting in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE. In the right-hand pane, look for a value named NoBrowser Options. If this value exists, delete it and restart your computer.

If this doesn't work, the next step is to try IE's repair facility. Launch Add or Remove Programs from the Control Panel. Find IE in the programs list, click on it, and then click on the Change/ Remove button ( Figure 3 ). You should see three options; choose Repair Internet Explorer. When the process is complete, check whether the problem is still present.

IE looks weird

Your Internet Explorer pages look like there's no color to them, and the text size is REALLY big, even though you have the text size set to "smaller" or "smallest"
Check the Accessibility Options (in the Control Panel).
In Classic View of the Control Panel, its the first item. If you have Category View click on the icon for Accessibility Options
"Adjust the contrast....." If you have a checkmark next to "High Contrast" remove it and you'll find that your IE pages look a whole lot better.
You'll probably have to change the text size to either "larger" or "largest" but that's easily done.

Network connected, but no internet connection

You need to renew your IP address:
Start / All Programs / Accessories
Right click on Command Prompt and choose run As Administrator
In the CMD window, type the following:
ipconfig /flushdns {enter}
ipconfig /release {enter}
ipconfig /renew {enter}
It should work least it works for me

eBay Printing Labels To Small

The fix is not in your printer, but in the IE browser
Click on File, Page Setup
UNcheck the box for Shrink To Fit
That will fix your problem real quick ! :)

Smooth Scrolling Screen stopped in browser

Go to Internet Options / Advanced
Uncheck use Smooth Scrolling

YouTube Video not playing in IE11

Don't bother trying to install Adobe Flash'll tell you that it's integrated into Windows 10
Check these areas first:
Internet Options > Advanced > Top check box for Use software rendering instead of GPU rendering
Tools > Manage Add On's > While you are on the page of the video, ensure that Shockwave Flash Object is Enabled
And...when you find that none of those worked, go to this page:
Scroll down a little and click on the blue button for "Request the HTML 5 Player"
Go back to your YouTube video page, refresh and it should work. No restarting of IE or computer needed.

Network WiFi not working after laptop sleep

Quickest fix for me:
Open device manager and go to Network Adapters
Right click on your Wireless adapter and choose Properties
On the Power Management tab, UNcheck the box for "Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power" Fixed :)

Network not connecting to other computer

Going to a Windows Explorer and clicking on Network, and trying to access another shared computer on the network doesn't always work. But here's another route (and you can make a shortcut on you desktop)
This procedure assumes that the folder/user on the 2nd computer has already been set to "Share"
Start > Run
Assuming you know the IP address of the other computer, type the address as follows:
Press enter
To make a shortcut on the desktop, right click on the desktop and choose New > Shortcut
Type in that same address, then change the icon to what you want.
(Of course changing the XX to the number of the other computer, and ZZZ to the actual User name.
You can drop off the \Downloads and get to the root folder, depending on if the entire User folder was shared.

Chrome Status Bar Restored

The 'Status Bar' can be restored as it was (is) in Internet Explorer
Go to drop menu and choose Settings
Scroll down and click on Show Advanced Settings
Scroll down to the bottom under System and UN-check the box for "Use hardware acceleration when available".
Close Chrome and re-open.

Chrome saving MHTML offline web pages

In the address bar type: chrome://flags/ <enter>
Scroll down to "Save Page as MHTML" and enable the feature.
Close Chrome and re-open.
When saving the file it will be called 'Web Page Single File' (as apposed to IE that shows 'Web Archive (Single File).mht')

'Web Content Only' dialog....STOP it !

I hate it every time I see the dialog box that says "Do you want to view only the webpage content". Well, you can make it stop this way:
Go to the Internet Options > Security tab
Put the check in the box for Display Mixed Content.

Public Network Change back to Private

Some how my "Private Network" got changed to "Public Network". How? It has to do with attaching to different networks. Such as when you head to your sister's house and hook to her network. Your laptop's "Network Local Awareness" (NLA) is used to determine the proper configuration for your computer. But sometime the NLA gets it wrong.'s a 30 second fix, fortunately
Click on the wifi icon in the notification area.
At the top is the wifi you're connected on Properties...put the dot in the circle for Private
If you were on a wifi and now back to a wired network:
Click on the network icon in the notification area.
At the top is the network you're connected on network you're connected to.
Under Ethernet, click right on the network you're connected to, then put the dot in the circle for Private.