Email Tips & Tweaks
For Windows Live Mail

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Adding quickly to the Address Book

Want to quickly add someone to your address book. You can this very quickly

Just click on the message to highlight it, right click on it, then choose Add Sender To Address book. (or Add Sender to Contacts)

Forward a batch of messages

Select all the messages you want to forward, then right-click on one of them and choose Forward (or Forward As Attachment). The program will create a new message box with all the messages at attachments.

Attachments - Can't save them

If you've upgraded, Internet Explorer, Outlook, Windows Live Mail, Windows, or just gotten a patch or fix, there's a good chance you might have lost the ability to save attachments.
But...with one little change in your settings, you CAN again
Go to Tools, Options, click on the Security tab and REMOVE the check in the box for "Do not allow attachments......"

Attachments and what they are for

If you have a message that you've created and now you want to send that person a file, picture, sound, or what ever, you will need to do what is called an Attachment.

Option 1: After you've typed your message, click on the paperclip on your Toolbar (if you don't have it, you can click on Insert, File. Then go and find the file you want to send. Click on it once and press OK. Now you can press your Send button (or File, Send)

Note: don't send something that is bigger than 1 meg unless you know that the other person has a fast modem. The best way is to use a utility like WinZip (see my homepage) to zip the file. Then send the zipped file. The other person will also need to have a zip utility to unzip it.

Option 2: After you've typed your message, you can have a Windows Explorer open and just left-click and drag the icon to the message. It will appear automatically as an icon in your message.

Option 3: If you haven't started the message, you can right-click on the file(s) and choose Send To, Mail Recipient. This will automatically start your e-mail message. Your e-mail program does not have to be started for this trick to work.

Organize incoming mail

Do you have mail that comes in on a regular basis? And have a special folder for it? You can have your email program automatically send it to that special folder so it doesn't fill up your Inbox folder.

Go to Tools, Message Rules, Mail,) then click on Add or New.

If you always get mail from JoAnn Fabric, and have a folder for JoAnn Fabric email, or a special folder you place all you mail from them in, then in the From box, type in GeoCities, then click in the box for Move To. Then click on the button next to it called Folder. This will show you a list of all the folder you have. Just click on the folder you want it to go to. You can even click on the '+' to show sub-folders, then click on one of the sub-folders. After you've chosen a folder, click on OK 3 times to take you back to the main program.

Check out some of the other options too. They can be very helpful when you get junk e-mail. For this option, place a checkmark in the bottom box for Delete Off Server after you've typed in one of the top 4 boxes.

Important files to save

You are not going to want to lose those messages, right? Always make a backup of your mail files.

The files you need to back up are all located in one directory (and it's sub-directories). You'll find these in your Windows explorer:

Contacts C:\Users\Owner\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows Live Contacts

Email C:\Users\Owner\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows Live Mail

Don't mistake Windows Mail for Windows Live Mail. Windows Mail is for Vista owners

Save those directories to a CD/USB or Backup drive.

Send and Receive Automatically

You can have your email automatically send and receive your e-mail while you're online. When you have a sound notification set this sound will tell you when you have new incoming mail...and you don't even have to keep pressing the Send/Receive (or Sync) button.

Go to Tools, Options, General (tab) and place a check mark in the box for Check for New Messages Every [x] Minutes check box. Then place a number in the box for how often you want to have OE check for new mail. Click OK.

Send Later, not Now

I'm sure you are not the only person who sent mail by accident. Or sent it earlier than you wanted. Actually, it's best not to send mail until you are ready.

To make this default, click on Tools, Options, and click on the Send tab. Make sure that you don't have a check mark in the Send Messages Immediately. Then click on OK.

This will place the message in the Out Box. It won't be sent until you press the Send & Receive button, or until it goes automatically depending on how soon you have your program set to automatically check for mail (see the same dialog box)

Signatures, and what they are

Signatures are like the closing of a letter, such as


Yours Truly,


Or you can even have:


(see next tip on how to use an images and classy fonts)

So why type it over and over again? You don't have to.

Text only:
Click on Tools, Options, Signatures (tab).
Place a check in the top box for Add This Signature To All Outgoing Messages.
Type the text you want in the space provided, (while you're still there, check out the other options available) then press OK.

Signatures with images

You can have both words AND images in all your messages you send out. Or you can have just images, or you can have just words. It's all up to you as to what you want.
Step 1:
Start by opening the program Notepad (Start, type the word Notepad, then click on the shortcut or Notepad)
Copy and paste the following information in there.
<font size=4>
Carney Creations
<IMG SRC="C:\User\Owner\Pictures\us_flag.gif" ><br>
Note: The IMG SRC= path will be the actual path where your image is saved on your computer
The green text is the text you can change to what you want/need to.

Option 1: If you want WORDS ONLY
a. Remove the line that says: <IMG SRC="C:\User\Owner\Pictures\us_flag.gif><br>
b. change the name from Tracy to your name. Change the words of "Carney Creations" to whatever you want.

Option 2: If you want an IMAGE ONLY
a. Remove the lines:
Carney Creations
b. ensure that the image you want to use is in the folder as noted: C:\User\Owner\Pictures\ (or where ever you have it)
c: Change us_flag.gif too whatever image you will be using. Make sure that you have the .jpg (or .png or .gif) according to the image you're going to use.

Option 3: If you want BOTH image AND words:
a. change the name from Tracy to your name. Change the words of Carney Creations to whatever you want.
b. ensure that the image you want to use is in the folder: C:\User\Owner\Pictures\ (or where ever you have it)
c: Change us_flag.gif too whatever image you want to use. Make sure that you have the .jpg (or .gif) according to the image you're going to use.
<IMG SRC="C:\User\Owner\Pictures\support-our-troops.jpg" >

Step 2:
Click on File Save As
In the middle box at the bottom for Save as type, change it from Text Documents to read All Files
In the File Name box, type in a name you want to use for this signature as in the example. You MUST include the " marks and the .htm
Example: "US Flag Signature.htm"
Navigate your way to where you want to save the signature file (such as My Documents) and save the file.

Step 3:
In the email program, click on Tools, Options, Signatures (tab)
Click on the button for New
Click in the circle at the bottom for File
Click on the Browse button next to it
At the bottom for Files Of Type, change that to read HTML Files or All Files
Navigate your way to your you saved folder.
Double click on the signature file you had just saved
Click on Rename and give the signature a name to match (such as US Flag Sig)
Put the check in the box at the top for Add Signatures To All Outgoing Messages.
If you don't want your signature on Forwarded messages or Reply messages, then put the check in the second box there.
Click on OK

Organize Your Mail

After opening your e-mail program, you will see several folders on the left side. Four of the ones that I know you have are Deleted Items, InBox, OutBox and Sent Items.

Now what about all that mail you have. A lot of it is probably just sitting in the InBox folder. Well, get it organized. I not only have the 4 folders mentioned above, but I have Family, Internet, Mark, Steve, Tips and a few others.

In addition to these, some even have sub-folders. It's just like a Windows Explorer. Each time I get mail for my son Steve, I drag the message to his folder. All the tips I get in e-mail are moved to the Tips. But I've also taken it further. I have tips on several different programs. WP, Internet, Publisher and more. So I don't just move a new WordPerfect message I've received to the Tips folder, I move it to the Tips|WP folder. How do you do this? Easy

Right below the words Windows Messaging (or whatever...either way it'll be the top item in the list), click on the first folder that has a little black arrow on it. Now click on File, New Folder. Give it the name Family.

Now click on that folder called Family and again click on File, New Folder and give it the name of Mom. Do this step again and call it Son. (Using, of course, what ever names you choose). This folder called Family is a good place to save messages coming in from your mother, from your son, or whatever.

Now to create a folder for you Son's e-mail that comes in, do the same procedure for creating the Family folder, only call it Son (again, using whatever name you want).

Next time mail comes in that is for him/her, just click and drag it to his/her folder. If you haven't already looked at the e-mail, it will be in bold black letters. When you move his/her e-mail to his/her folder, his/her folder will display in bold black letters denoting that e-mail is in that folder that hasn't been read.

Address Book saved

I strongly suggest that you make a backup copy of your address book periodically.
C:\Users\Owner\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows Live Contacts
where Owner may be a different name

Column labeled "!"

You have a column titled ! right? What is this? Well it's a column that will show a ! if the message has a Priority set. The sender is noting that this message is important and should be read As Soon As Possible.

You can sort this by this column just as you would sort any other column, like sorting according to the date received. Just click on the column title.

If you don't want this column, then go to View, Columns. You can add or delete the columns to your liking.

Now if you want to send a message to someone that you want THEM to read ASAP (as soon as possible), create you message as usual, then before sending it, click on Tools menu, Set Priority, and then click a High.

Note: This setting changes the priority only for the current message

Columns sorted in 2 ways

Sorting by a single column is a simple matter of clicking on the column title. They are sorted alphabetically (or by date, size, or whatever)
What if you want to sort by who it from AND by date
First, sort by the first name by clicking on the title column called From. Then hold the Shift key down as you click on a second heading, such as Received.
Your messages will be sorted primarily by the From column and then by date....or by whatever order you did your clicking

Group mailings

Do you find that you send mail to a group of people. Well, now you can send mail without having to click on each persons name. All you have to do is click on 1 recipient and it will send to all the people in a group.

Example: I have a group with all my family members who have e-mail. I want to let everyone know that I will be on vacation for a week and won't be around to check mail to "chat" with them online.

Here's what you do:

Click on the Address Book button on your Toolbar. Then click on the New Group button. In the top box, give the group of people a title. This will show up in your address book just like any other name listed. Such as Family Group, or Family Members.
Next click on Select Members. Find a name you want to add to the group from the left side and click once on it. Now hold your Control key down click and continue selecting all the other names you want from the left side. When you're done selecting names on the left side, click on Select on the right side. This will put all those names in the box on the right side.
Now click on OK, then OK again. You will have a new contact in the Name column called Family Group (or what ever you called it. Also notice a new icon for it). Now close the Address Book.

Here's where the shortcut comes in when sending mail...Back to the e-mail program, click on the button for Compose Message. Now in the top box, click on the button for TO: (for Outlook, click the icon just before the long white box where the name would appear.) Double-click on Family Group, then OK.

All you will see is Family Group in the top box labeled To. But that's should be. Now compose your message as usual.

This procedure is a lot faster than clicking the icon for the To: box for each member you want to send the message to.

Group mailings edited

You've created a group, but now you need to delete one of those names because they no longer have e-mail, or maybe their address has changed.

Quick fix here.

Open the Address Book, double-click on the group you need to edit. Click on the name of the person you need to remove/change. If you need to remove it, then click on the Remove button. If you just need to change it, then double-click on it. You can change the e-mail address from there.

Fear Not, if you change the address from the Group, it will change the individual address too (and vice-versa, if you change the individual address, the address in the Group will change)

Downloading the same mail to 2 computers

NOTE: This will NOT work for a Gmail account.
You have 2 computers. One that your son uses and one that you use. (Or think of it as a computer at work and a computer at home using the same email program and login ID)

Problem: You want to be able to download all the mail, or if your son downloads mail, you want to make sure that you get the mail into your computer too. If he downloads the mail, all the mail sitting on your server will download into his computer. So, when you download mail, nothing is there for you download.

Here is the best suggestion I can make:

Let your son download the mail. But first you need to make a minor change on his computer in your email program. Go to Tools, Accounts, Click on the Mail tab, click on the account name and press Properties, then click on the Advanced tab.

Now place a checkmark in the box for Leave A Copy Of Messages On Server.

This will allow him to download the mail (while leaving a copy for you to download later) and delete anything he doesn't want or need from his computer. Then when you go to download the mail on your computer, you will get the same mail that he did. But this time, when you download, the messages will be deleted off the server as they should be.

Changing fonts and MUCH more changing all over the message

When you start with a new message, you may have a second Toolbar immediately above your message area. If you do, click on the down-arrow and select a different font. If you don't have the Toolbar, then select Format, Rich Text. Click on the message area box then from there you can change the font and even the size of the text.


Change the color of text
Bold, Underline, or italic text
Increase the font size of a text
Change the font style of a text
Create bullets
Indent paragraphs
And More....

Sound for mail notification

Don't like that little click sound telling you that you have mail? Maybe you have something that says "You Have Mail".

I'm sure that you have many sounds on your computer. Do a search of your computer for *.wav. This will show you where all of waves are. They will not be all in the same directory, I'm sure. But to use a sound for mail notification, it can be anywhere on your computer.

Just go the Control Panel and double-click on Sounds. Scroll down and click on New Mail Notification. Click on the Browse button. This will take you to where most of your sounds are located. If not, you may have to change directories to find them. Click on a file once and you can then press the "play" button to hear what it sounds like. If you don't like/want it, click on another file and press the play button. Keep going until you find one that you like. Then press OK twice to close everything.

Tip: Do a search of your computer. Start, Find, Files & Folders, type in *.wav and press Find Now. You can double-click on any of the files that show up to hear what they sound like. You will note that not all the sounds are in the same directory. When you find one you want to use, take note of the directory so when you go to the Control Panel, you will now where to Browse to.

Creating a link in a new message

The ever-loving "click here" message.

Option 1:

Well you don't need to use the Click Here words, you can use just about anything you want and still create a link that when clicked on, will take your reader to that web page.

Start a new message by clicking on the Compose New Message. Next click on Format, Rich Text. Fill in the field for who it's to and the subject, then place your cursor where the message will go.

You will now see a second Toolbar just above your message. Just type something like:
Check out Tracy's homepage

Now highlight those words, then on that second Toolbar click on the second button from the right (looks like a chain link). Type in the address of the page you want them to go to. In this example I would use the following (because it's my homepage):

Then click on OK. Now click somewhere else in the body of the message and the highlighting will go away and you will see your words in blue underlined words.

Type anymore of your message you want. Then just send the message as usual.

When your recipient receives the message, they will be able to just click on that link and go directly to the page you want them to see

Option 2:

Just type the URL address of the page you want the person to go to. When you press the space bar at the end of the address, the link will perform automatically.

This option will show the address of the web page, where as in option 1, you can put in your own words instead of the long ugly address.

Change/Remove a link in a message

If you created a link and now want to change or remove a link, Right-click somewhere within the blue words and choose Properties. You can change the url address and/or the text that is displayed for the link.

Delete Sent Items

Do you have your e-mail set to save a copy of your message in the Sent folder? If so...when was the last time you checked out that folder. Better check now and start deleting those things. If you have a LOT, that is a lot of wasted space on your hard drive. And if you're concerned about space, you better go look right away.

Save e-mail addresses to take along

If you travel a lot from one computer another (or, say, from your computer to a friends, like my mother does a lot), You might want to take along a flash drive with e-mail addresses, just in case you want to send a message before you forget.

Here's how you can take your e-mail address along with you:

Click on Go > Contacts. Then click on File, Export, Comma Separated Values (CSV). Give the file a name. Then click on Browse and navigate you way to the flash drive.

If really all you want is the name and e-mail address, then deselect everything except Name and E-Mail Address and click on Finish, OK, then Close.

Now you can just click on the file on the flash drive and it will open with a list of names and e-mail address, all nicely formatted for you.

Saving a message with or without attachments/pictures

You have a message that came in. For some reason you want to "save" the message (maybe so you can take it to another computer, or to get it out of your e-mail program).

Say someone sent you a message with an attachment (or even as stationery). If you choose File, Save As: and leave the type as .eml, then you will be saving the file just as you see it, as a message, with picture (if you have stationery), and any attachments (such as a .zip file).

However, if you choose File, Save As, then change the type from .eml to .txt, then you will be saving only the words of the message.

I guess it all depends on what you want to save and how.

BCC Always Available

BCC is to used to send a message to many people and NOT have their e-mail address be shown to anyone else. Example: You want to send a message to 10 people....but you don't want any of those 10 people to know the address of the others. BCC hides the E-mail address of all the people your sending the message to. I use BCC to send a message to everyone in my Stationery Mailing List. When people read the message they don't know the addresses of the other 400 people I sent the same message to.

To always have the BCC available for sending mail, start a message. Then, at the top of the message, click on View, All Headers....then continue with the message.

Next time you start a message, the BCC will be there automatically....but that doesn't mean you have to use it. It'll be there...just in case ;)

Note: If you send a message with someone in the BCC area, then go back to the Sent folder and right click on that message. Choose Details and, you WILL see a list of who you put in the BCC. But the people who are receiving the message will not see it.

Backup filter rules for messages

So you can save your rules and filters, you'll need to go into Regedit.
Open Regedit and go to:
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows Live Mail\Rules\Mail

Click on Registry, Export, save to a safe location

When needed to set it all back (say after a reformat), then just double click on that file. It will be saved as a .reg file (Registry Entry file)

This does not backup your e-mail messages...only the rules & filters. To backup your e-mail, see next tip.

Backing Up & Restoring

These procedures are based on Windows Live Mail. Procedures for other programs will probaly be similar if you download your email to your computer verses viewing email online.
First create a folder in the Downloads folder called Email Backup to make it easier to copy the entire email files required to restore on another computer or after a reformat.
Create a subfolder in there called Messages

Backup Eamil Accounts 1st Step

Open Windows Live Mail
Click on Tools / Accounts
In the Mail sections, click on the account you want, then click on Export
Navigate to the Downloads/Email Backup folder
Click on Save

Backup E-Mail messages 2nd Step

Click on File / Export / Messages / Microsoft Windows Live Mail
Click on Browse and navitage to Downloads/Email Backup/Messages and click ok OK then Next
Leave the dot in for All Folders and click on Next, then Finish

Backup Email Contacts 3rd Step

Open the Contacts
Click on File / Export / Comma Separated Values(.CSV)
Navigate to the folder Downloads / Email Backup/
Give the file a name like Carney Creations Contacts, then click on Save, then Next
Put a check in ALL of the boxes to ensure that you get everything
Click on Finish

Restore Email Accounts 4th Step

Turn off your internet access to prevent any new mail coming in
After you install Windows Live Mail, DO NOT create an account !!!! Click Cancel when asked if you want to create an account
Instead, you will import your account
Click on the drop down on the Menu icon on the toolbar (middle button on the right side) and choose Show Menu Bar
Click on Tools / Accounts / Import
Import the Carney Creations.iaf file (or whatever your file is called)
Note: Any NEW email will instantly come in if you are online with internet access.

Restore Email message 5th Step

Click on File / Import / Messages / Windows Live Mail / Next
Browse to the folder where you have the message and click on Next
You will want to import All Folders.

Restore Email contacts 6th Step

Open the Contacts (which will be empty to start)
Click on File / Import / Comma Separated Values (.CSV)
Browse to the folder where you have the contacts stored to put back
Click Next and ensure that you have all the check boxes check to import all the contact information.

That completes the process of backing up and/or restoring email

Wrapping lines in messages

I'm sure you've gotten mail from someone that looks like this:
<<<<<<and the text just keeps>>>>>>
<<<<<<all wrapped in the wrong places. This can>>>>>>
<<<<<<be very>>>>>>
<<<<<<annoying to read>>>>>>


Help stop this garbage from going around. Click on Tools, Options, then click on the Send tab. Click on the first button that says Settings in the line for Plain Text.
Now put in a number of 72 for the Maximum number of characters to display per line. And while you're at it...remove the check in that bottom box for Indent original text with >>. That's annoying to look at when you forward a message to someone.

Wrapping line: how to remove the > characters

Now..if you DO get messages that have all the > characters and you want to remove them so you can forward a "clean" messages, here's a great little freeware program you can use to clean it all up. It's called E-Cleaner.
You can get it here at: eCleaner
To use it, after you install it
(1) Select and copy the desired text that you want to clean.
(2) Run eCleaner
(3) Hit F1
(4) Paste the reformatted text into a new e-mail message. That's it!

Automatic Replies when you're gone

If you have a constant connection and want to send an automatic message to anyone who sends you mail while you're gone (like a message that says you're gone on vacation and will reply when you return), then here's how you can do it.

Create a message you want to send back to everyone who sends you mail. Create it just as you normall would only do NOT fill in the TO box...just fill in the Subject and type your message that you want them to read.

Click on File, Save As.
Navigate your way to the directory where you want to save this message. Give the file a name, then click on Save. Next click on File, Close.

Now click on Tools, Message Rules, Mail
Click on the button for New
In the top box, scroll to bottom, click in the box For All Messages.
In the second box, click in the box for Reply With Message
In the third box, click on the blue highlighted words called Message. This opens a dialog box asking where that message is you just created and saved. Go to that directory and double click on it.
In the bottom box, give the rule a name, such as Reply While I'm Gone
Click on OK twice.

If you ever want to edit the message, in a Windows Explorer, go to the directory where the message is saved, right click and choose Open. Change the message, then close it again (choosing Yes to save it).

After you change it, you'll see that your Draft folder has a new message in it. You can just delete it, because any changes you make that THAT message will not be made in the message that goes out automatically.

Those procedures will tell the email program to send that message every time you get mail from someone. You'll have to remember to change the rule when you no longer need it. Just go to Tools, Message Rules, Mail and take off the check mark for that rule. The rule will stay there, but will temporarily be turned off.

Subject field automatically filled in for a message

To start a message using the stationery and have the Subject field automatically filled in, you'll need to use what is called .eml format...and here's how:
Start a message using whatever stationery you'll always want to use for that subject
Click on File, Save As. Keep the file format in .eml format.
Locate a directory where you'd like to save the file. (On the desktop would be a convenient place). Give the name of the file the name of the subject for easy recognition.

Next time you want to send the a message with that subject already filled in, and with that sationery, then just double click on the icon on your desktop, fill in the To: and type your message.

If you want to use different stationery, you will need to create a new message, then Save As, again in the .eml format, then save it on your desktop (or where ever you want), then double click on that one.

Link clicking for a new IE window

Ever find that when you click on a link in an email message, the link opens in an IE window where you're viewing another web page? You CAN have it open the link in a new window without changing the web page you're already looking at.

In an Internet Explorer window, click on Tools, Internet Options.
Click on the Advanced tab
Down where it shows the Browsing options, uncheck the Reuse Windows for Launching Shortcuts option.

Move Incoming mail to another folder

Want to sort out all that incoming mail? Example...all the mail coming in from your mother will go to a folder called Mom. Or....all mail coming in has a subject of Health in it would go to a folder called Health Issues

Here's a way to filter your messages so they go right to a folder of your choice instead of going to the Inbox

First create a folder by clicking on (in my case) Carney Creations at the very top on the left side, then click on File, New Folder and give it a name.
1. Click on Tools, Message Rule, Mail
2. Click on the New button
3. In the top box, put the check in the box for Where the subject contains certain words
(or click on Where the From Line Contains People if your want all message coming from a certain person to be moved)
4. In the second box, put the check in the box Move it to the specified folder
5. In the bottom box, type in the name of the rule, such as Mark's Mail, or whatever you want.
6. In the third box, click on the blue words saying "contains certain words"
7. Type in a something like: Air Force (or whatever you think the word(s) will be that will always be in the subject line of the incoming mail for messages you want to move), then click on Add, then click on OK
9. Now click those blue words saying specified (for where to move them), then click on the folder that you want it moved to.
10. Click on OK...all the way back

Next time you get a mail with that word (or words) the mail will automatically be moved to that other folder instead of cluttering up your Inbox.

You can play around with the settings in there and use different filters all the time.

Delete junk mail automatically

Want to receive less junk mail?

Here's a way to filter out that unwanted junk and not even receive at ALL.
1. Click on Tools, Message Rule, Mail
2. Click on the New button
3. In the top box, put the check in the box for Where the subject contains certain words
4. In the second box, put the check in the box Delete From Server
5. In the bottom box, type in the name of the rule, such as Junk or whatever you want
6. In the third box, click on the blue words saying "contains certain words"
7. Type in a word such as sex. then click on Add. then type another word such as insurance, then click on add, then type in the word confidential, click on add, type in loan, click on add...keep going with all the words you can think of that junk mailers use.
8. Click on Ok...all the way back.

Next time you get a junk mail, you can just add another word to your list:
Click on Tools, Message Rule, Mail.
Click on the Junk rule, then click on Modify (or click on the blue words in the bottom section)
Start adding new words again.
Click on OK all the way back.

Junk mailers even try to use something like this:
I n s u r a n c e (with all those spaces)
I've even added those to my list.

Links not working when clicked on

If you can't click on a link in an e-mail message and to go that site, then try this:
Go to Start, Run, and type:
Then go to Control Panel, Internet Options, click on the Program tab. Click on the button for "Reset Web Settings"
Reset your computers. Then go back and open an Internet Explorer window and go to the home page you USED to have. Click on Tools, Options, then click on the button for Use Current. Your homepage will be set back to what it was before..

Viewing messages with images

Check 3 things:
In WLM, click on Tools, Safety Options, Security
Put the dot in the circle for Restricted Sites
Remove the check in the box for 'Do not allow attachments....'
Remove the check in the box for 'Block images and other....'
Put the check in the box for 'Show images and external content....'
Click on OK

Duplicate E-Mail messages

If you find that you get duplicate email messages, there's one likely culprit. You & your internet provider.
When you download your mail, and your internet connection drops, you stop getting mail. When you start up again and click on the Send/Receive button, ALL your mail will start coming in...again.
That will continue to happen until you have completely and successfully downloaded all your mail from your internet provider.
To my knowledge, there's no way to get around this.

Windows Live Mail Install & Setup

Windows Live Mail is no longer supported by Microsoft and can't be downloaded from Microsoft. However, there are sites that still offer the download, such as:
File Hippo, or CNET, or Softpedia. Or just searach the internet for Windows Live Mail 2012 Download.
(If you want Windows Live Mail that is the version withOUT the ribbon, contact me and I can send it to you.)
The program you'll download is called Windows Essentials.
Save the download and run the program to install with the following changes:
When the installation starts, uncheck all items except Mail
Click on Install
Uncheck all three boxes for Search, Homepage and Help
Import your contacts, email & accounts as directed above in the section Backup & Restore
Otherwise, for new accounts:
When the program starts, set up your account with the dialog boxes given
After account is set up, You need to get the menu bar:
At the top right, click on the middle icon for Menu's
Click on Show Menu Bar

Open WLM at Inbox

Mail opens to the folder you were last viewing. If you want to force it to always open to the Inbox, here's how:
Select a folder OTHER than the Inbox (to show it is working when you open it again)
Close Windows Live Mail
Right click on the shortcut to Windows Live Mail that you use to open the program.
In the Target, add this (includes a space before the / )     /mail
Your Target should now look like this: "C:\Program Files\Windows Live\Mail\wlmail.exe" /mail
Click on OK and Windows Live Mail again.  You'll be in your Inbox to start.
If you have multiple accounts (such as your gmail account and your comcast account), the Inbox will be for the default account (usually the first account you created when you installed Windows Live Mail originally)

Moving the email Storage Location

To move email off of the C: drive and store it on a constantly connected 2nd drive
WLM Users: Open WLM
Click on Tools / Options
Click on the Advanced tab, then click on the button for Maintenance (bottom section)
Click on the button called Store Folder
Click on Change
Navigate to the new location where you want your email stored. I chose F:\Windows Live Mail (after I created that folder on the F:\ drive).
Click on OK all the way out. You will get a notification that the email will be moved when you close and re-open the program.
You can then delete the original location on your C: drive (most likely it was located at: C:\Users\Owner\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows Live Mail Outlook Users: Open Outlook
Right click on Personal Folders / Properties / Advanced
Rename the folder to a logical name
Close Outlook
Go to the current storage folder of
Move the folder to your second drive
Go to Control Panel / Mail
click on Show Profiles / Properties / Data Files / Settings
Browse to your new location and choose the data file that has the new name you gave it.

Outlook- Remove Outlook AVG Add-In

Go to Program Files/AVG/AVG9/ (number may be different depending on your version)
Delete the file: avgxch32.dll

Gmail settings on your computer

To set up Gmail to come in to your email program on your computer (aka POP mail)
Go to the normal setup but choose the Manual setup, when asked
Incoming mail (POP3):
Outgoing mail (SMTP):
Outgoing Mail Server: put check in box for My server requries authentication
Then click on the button for Settings:
If Gmail is your only email, then the top option should be checked (Use same settings as my incoming mail server)
If you have another email server: (I have and
then the check should be for Log on Using, put in your gmail email address, password & Remember password
On the Advanced tab:
Put the check in both boxes for 'This server requries a secure connection (SSL)
Outgoing mail (SMTP): 465
Incoming mail (POP3): 995

At, you will need to adjust your "Settings"
Go to Forwarding and POP/IMAP
In the section for POP Download, click in "Enable POP for all mail"
Save changes.
You'll need enable "Allow Less Secure Apps":
Since you're still logged in to Google, click this link to turn it on in YOUR account:
Now go to WLM and download the mail.

Forward email to a cellphone as a text message

Click on Forward, as you normally would to forward a message.
In the "TO:" box type the phone number plus (for verizon). It will look similiar to this:
Use no spaces or dashes for the number