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Last updated May 2018

Alexa - Initial Setup

Here's how to setup the Alexa (Echo, Echo Dot, etc.)
Open your browser and go to
Log into your Amazon account. (If you don't have one, scroll down to the bottom to setup an Amazon account)
Plug in your Echo. You'll see the color circle in orange.
While it's circlilng in orange, Press and hold the Action button for 5 secoonds
On your computer, on the left side of the web page, click on Settings.
Click on 'Set up new device'
Choose the echo device you have and click on it.
Select your own home Wi-Fi network.
Click connect
Note: there may be a step in there that requires you to connect to the Amazon network. Follow the directions to setup up and connect to Wi-Fi.
I will adjust step-by-step directions when I get another chance to set up another system.

Alexa - Sirius Connected

Once you have your Echo setup, go back to the web page where you're logged into your account
On the left side, click on Skills
On the right side in the search box, type: SiriusXM
Click on the link for SiriusXM (it will probably appear first in the list)
On the right side, click on the button for Enable.
You can now tell Alexa to play your SiriusXM radio through Alexa just by saying (for example): Alexa, play SiriusXM Prime Country

Alexa - Delete voice recordings

First, you want to actually HEAR what you'll be deleting? See below in the section 1) before you actually delete it.
There are 2 ways to delete you recordings. And yes they are ACTUAL recordings of what you spoke to YOUR voice !
1) One at a time
Phone App: Open the Alexa app and go to Settings
Go down and press History
Press on the recording you want to delete.
Want to hear it first? Click on the play button. You'll hear YOUR actual voice and what you asked Alexa.
To delete just that recording, then press on Delete Voice Recordings. (or Remove Entries)
Desktop Browser: Go to and log into your account, if not already
On the left side, click on Settings / History
Click on the recording you want to remove. (Then click on the Play button if you want to hear it first)
Click on Delete Voice Recordings (it's in light grey text, and it will only delete that one recording...despite the grammar being that of multiple 'recordings'

2) Delete ALL recordings
Via Desktop Browser: This needs to be done at the web site and can't be done on your phone app.
Go to and log into your account, if not already
Under Accounts & Lists, go scroll down and click on Your Content & Devices (in the right column)
Click on the tab for Devices (in the middle)
Click on your echo device
Below those devices is a box that defaults at Device Actions. Click on the double arrow and choose Manage Voice Recordings (even those it's not to 'manage''s actually to delete them)
You'll get a notification in about 3 paragraphs about how it "may degrade your experience". Just continue and click on DELETE.
You will NOT get a confirmation before it's done. Just do it anyway if you want all those recordings deleted.

Chrome AutoFill Fields cleared

To get the AutoFill fields to remove the list of suggestions, all you have to do is go to the field you want to clear and click in the box so it shows the drop-down list of suggestions.
Don't click on it, but highlight the one you want to remove.
While it's highlighted, on the keyboard, do a Shift+Delete and it'll go away.
Repeat for all the items you want removed.

Chrome Background Image

Add or change the google homepage image...easy:
Go to
In the bottom right corner of the browser, there is a button that says "Customize". If you already have a background and just want to change it, the button won't be there, but the image of the pencil will still be there. Hover over it and it will show "Customize This Page" on it to choose another image.
Choose Chrome Background and pick one..any one. Or...upload one of your own.

Chrome Blocking Files Stopped

In the top-right corner of the browser window, click the Chrome menu Chrome menu.
Select Settings.
Scroll down and click Advanced settings.
Scroll down to Privacy and Settings section and turn off Safe Browsing.
Download your file then turn it back on.

Chrome Favicons Changed

Note: This will not work for a web site that already has a Favicon. Only for sites that do NOT have a Favicon set.
Otherwise, for those sites that don't have one:
First you need to install the extension called Bookmark Favicon Changer. Click that link and a tab will open.
At the top right, click on the green button for Add To Chrome, then close that new tab.
You only have to do that part one time.
Once installed, Click on the settings icon (the three dots) and click on More Tools > Extensions
In the area for Bookmark Favicon Changer extension, click on the link for 'Details'
Scroll down and click on 'Extension Options'
To CHANGE an icon for a bookmark you already have:
Right click on the icon and choose Change Favicon and locate the icon you want to use
To ADD an icon that has your own image:
Click on the button labeled 'Shortcut'. This is the page where you will change any and/or all of your icons.
Step 1: Put in the web site address you want used.
Step 2: Type the name you want shown on your bar for the link.
Step 3: Locate the .jpg or .png file you want used. You can NOT use an icon in a .dll or .ico file
Step 4: You must click on the 'Test' button before you can continue. A new browser will open. If it works, close that new browser window.
Step 5: Choose "First Bookmark..." (you will be able to move it later.
Step 6: Click on Add
Step 7: Close the new tab if the page displays properly. If not, ensure you have the https:// in the url.
Step 8: Click & drag your new icon to the location on the bar that you want it.
Repeat steps for all icons while you're still on that editing page.

Chrome Passwords Saved

To export Chrome Passwords before you do a clean install of Windows:
In a chrome address bar, type: chrome://flags
Scroll down about 2/3rds the way down to “Password import" and "Password Export”
Set both of those toggles to Enabled and relaunch your browser.
Go back to Menu > Settings > Advanced Settings > Manage Passwords.
Click the Menu icon (three dots) at the top of passwords list on the right side (it will unlabled)
Click on Export. Save the file.
On the new computer repeat to enable export/import set to enabled.
Restart browser
Go to Menu > Settings > Advanced Settings > Manage Passwords again
Now click on Menu (those 3 dots again) and choose Import.
Navigate your way to the location of the saved passwords file you exported before and double click on it to import.
Close Chrome and restart it.

Chrome Status Bar Restored

The 'Status Bar' can be restored as it was (is) in Internet Explorer
Go to drop menu and choose Settings
Scroll down and click on Show Advanced Settings
Scroll down to the bottom under System and UN-check the box for "Use hardware acceleration when available".
Close Chrome and re-open.

Chrome web page saved as MHTML

Updated in 2019 for v75:
Right click on the shortcut icon and choose Properties
At the end of the Target line, add the following
Close Chrome and re-open.
When saving the file it will be called 'Webage, Single File' and it will save as a single offline mhtml file.

Dell Dock Crash

Unfortunately, Dell Dock may crash and loose all of your icons on it. Here's how to get it back.
First go to the folder: Users\Tracy\AppData\Roaming\Dell\DellDock
Copy those files to an flash drive
Uninstall Dell Dock. Then search and remove ALL DellDock folders you find.
Restart the computer again and reinstall Dell Dock and choose NOT to automatically create icons on it.
Drag just one of the icons from the desktop to the dock, but choose to keep the icon on the desktop also.
Close the Dell Dock
Go to the folder: Users\Tracy\AppData\Roaming\Dell\DellDock then rename those files to -OLD
Copy the files from your flash drive back to the computer in that same folder.
Restart DellDock and icons will be back to the way it was before....but you may have to go to Advanced Settings and make the changes for
  • Reposition the dock to the left side, if it was there before
  • AutoHide to Edge
  • Change color

EaseUs Partition

After installation, to partition the drive:
Click on Resize/Move Partition
Along the top green bar, click on the far right and drag down to the left. The size numbers will change automatically.
Unallocated before: 0
Partition Size: 200700.0 Unallocated after: 514179.5
This will put the C: drive down to about 200GB and put the 2nd partition to about 500GB
Click on Create Partition
Type the Label and name it Data
Format that partition with the drive letter of T:
Click on OK, then say YES to complete the operation and restart the computer
The T:\ will change to D:\ as originally desired.

eBay hosted at Google using Embed

Google considers "mixed content" as an "unsafe site", and if using an embedded image with an http link in listing descriptions, many people will no longer see your images in your description. It will take extra clicks to see your beautiful handy work for your items. And eBay now requires images with http links be converted/moved to https servers.
So now, we're caught in the middle.
Most sites will charge you a fee for hosting if a https link is required.
However, if you have a Google account, you can get up to 15GB of storage for your images to embed into your description. Note: Google Photos is nice, but you can't sort by name. With Google Drive you CAN sort the images by name, and the image thumbnails are a lot smaller (and easier to see) than Google Photos.
Now, here's the kicker: You can't just use your Gooogle Photo's account to store them, then use the link to that image to put in your listing. You CAN...but only people who are logged into their own Google account will see the images. You need EVERYONE to see your images, regardless if they are logged into Google or not. So you need to actually embed your image using an https server (hence...Google Drive.)
While logged into your Google account, go to Google Drive (
Create some folders ahead of make it easier down the road.
Click on the My Drive link, then click on New, then click on Folder. I called my folder eBay and will use that for this example. Then click on the eBay folder. Now click on New again, then click on Folder.
Here is where you want to create as many ebay folders as you desire. I created folders called: Aprons, Clothes Pin Bags, Checkbook Covers, Potholders, Oven Mitts (and others).
Since all of the eBay images need to be 'shared', right click on the eBay folder on the left. Select 'Share...'
Click on Advanced in the lower right corner
In the section for 'Who Has Access', change that and choose 'On - Public On The Web'
Leave the rest as 'Access: Anyone (no sign-in required)' & 'Can view only'
Click on Save, then click on Done
Open your windows explorer to the folder where you images are stored on your computer. Drag and drop into the appropriate folders you just created. All images you drag to your eBay sub folders will automatically be set to be shared with the public without signin required.
Hold on...there's more to it than that. You CAN'T just open the image / right click / properties and get the image url. It will NOT work on
After you have images in the folder(s), right click on the image you want and choose 'Get Shareable Link' (or click on the link on Google Drive's menu bar...currently it looks like a sideways paperclip). Click once to highlight the url, then copy it.
You'll need a blank document open to constantly do a copy & paste. Notepad will work.
Paste in the code. It will look similar to this:
Change the first section. Change   to
You now would use this to embed your images into ebay description listings: as the src for your image.

If you chose the link for "Share...", you'll see the link similar to this:
In that case, cancel and go back and choose 'Get Shareable Link'

eBay Landing Page (a.k.a My eBay)

Log into eBay
On the left side under Selling, click on All Selling
On the top right it says: "The My eBay landing page is set to (summary) Change" - click on change
Change to All Selling
Click Apply
Then you will have selling at the top, and all other sections below. You can modify a few sections on what to show, and move sections up and down, but some CANT be removed.

eBay Listing End Date

How do you find out when a listing is at it's 30-day end date? Even though eBay has ALL listing as "Good 'Til Cancelled" (never ending), the listings are based on 30-days, then automatically listed again for another 30 days (and on and on and on)...unless the seller ends the listing so as to not go over the monthly limit (like me).
But you CAN find out when the current 30-days is up.
When doing a search, sort by "Ending Soonest". The amount of days will show up.
Now if you have a specific item in mind, scroll down and copy the eBay Item Number
Paste that into your search box. THEN sort by "Ending Soonest". It will then show you how much longer the listing is for.
Copy the Item Number, then head to
Paste in the item number, click on the Show Me button, and it'll pop up. It even shows the start date, end date, time left...and even the amount of peopel 'watching' the item.

eBay Printing Labels To Small

The fix is not in your printer, but in the IE browser
Click on File, Page Setup
UNcheck the box for Shrink To Fit
That will fix your problem real quick ! :)

eBay App sounds on Tablets, Nooks, etc

Getting the Item Paid to make the sound when you get paid from an eBay sale (or to have a sound for Item Sold), the change needs to be made in the eBay app.
Go to the eBay app (not eBay web site)
Tap on Settings (at the bottom)
Tap on Notifications / Edit Settings
Scroll down to the bottom for the section Seller Notifications
Tap on the one(s) you want to have a notification sound for.

Encrypt ZIP or 7z files

If using 7Zip, to encrypt a zip file, right click on the files you want to put in the zip.
Select Add To Archive...
Choose ZIP format or 7Z format
Change Encryption Method to AES-256
Put in a password and Reenter the password
Click on OK.
The zip file can now be opened to SEE the contents, but cannot be extracted without the password.

Facebook: visit without logging in

Create your account if you haven't done so.
To make your business public, you must:
Create a Page and go through the steps of creating the page.
If you already created a page, then log in and go to the page
Click on Edit Page (upper right corner)
Ensure that the top section for Page visibility has the dot in the circle for Page Published.
Also ensure that there are no age restrictions and that United States is not as a restriction. It must be open to all.
Carney Creations Facebook Sample

Foxit Classic Toolbar

This does NOT work for FoxIt Version 7...only version 6 or lower
Click on Help / Change Toolbar Mode
Click on Classic Toolbar Mode

FTP 'Transfer Complete' bubble removed

Remove the bubble in the systray for 'Transfer Complete'
In the lower section right above the 3 tabs for Queued files, Failed Transfers and Successful transfer, right click in a blank area and choose 'Action after queue complete', choose 'None'

FTP can't display directory (w/Windows Creator Update)

Click on Start, then type Allow An App. On the list that pops up, click on Allow An App Through Windows Firewall
Click on Change Settings
Put a check in all three FileZilla items in the first column, Then put checks in the boxes in both the Private and Public columns
Click on OK.
FileZilla will now be able to let you upload and show the directories.

Delete Google+ Account, but not your Google Account

This will delete your Google+ account, but not the actual Google Account
Go to this link first and sign in.
At the bottom of the page, check the box next to "Required."
Click or touch Remove selected services.

Alternate ways:
Open Google+.
In the top left corner, click the drop-down menu > Settings.
Scroll down to “Disable Google+” > click Delete your entire Google profile here.
Scroll to the bottom of the page > check the box next to “Required” > click Remove selected services

Headphone Connect Bluetooth

To connect bluetooth headphones (I have the Onn A017) Press and hold the middle button to turn on the headphones
When it's solid blue, press and hold again until it flashes blue and red
On the computer go to Settings | Devices | Add Bluetooth | click on Bluetooth
Select the Onn HPhone

Media Player: Menubar restore

To view the menubar in Media Player, press Alt+H, you can then to go to File / View / Show Menu Bar.

Microsoft Word fix

Restart the computer for a fresh boot
Open a windows explorer
Click on Tools, Folder Options (or Organize, Folders and Search Options)
Click on the tab for View
Click in that dot for "Show hidden files and folder" and say Yes, you're sure)
Click on OK to close the dialog box
choice of file locations
C:\Documents and Settings\OWNER\Application Data\Microsoft

Once you find it the file called (or normal.dotm), delete it.
Note: If you don't see that file in the folder, then you'll need to find it in another location click on Start, Find.
do a search/find for all files and folder and search for:
write down the location of each of the files it finds.
You'll have to go to each of those folders in the same manner as above until you find and delete them all.
Reset the computer and try opening MS Word again.

Microsoft Word 2007: Business Cards

Open a blank Word document. Click the Mailing tab. Click on Labels.
In the dialog box, click on Options (at the bottom)
Top option: leave at 'Default Tray'
Middle option: Change to Avery US Letter
Bottom option: Choose #5371 then click on OK, then Click on New Document.
After you insert a graphic, right click on it and choose Text Wrapping / Tight. This will allow you to move the graphic around in the card.
Create one label, then copy & paste into each of the remaining 9 sections.

Nook wallpaper sizing

To make the wallpaper on the Nook look proper, you need to have an image sized at 1920x1280.
You will lose some of the top and bottom sections, so have your image centered that you want.

PayPal: Continue Shopping Redirect Properly

If not adjusted, the dialog box will pop up and say "Please open a new browser window to continue shopping".
By adding the following code, it will re-direct back to where you want.
In the current form for the Add To Cart link, find the code that says
<input type="hidden" name="currency_code" value="USD" />
copy the next line of text and paste it immediately AFTER the code shown above.
<input type="hidden" name="shopping_url" value="http://yoursite/index.html" />
(Don't forget to change the site address in the value area)
One more thing: To keep the links from opening on a new page, change the target from "paypal" to "_self" to the form tag

PayPal: Detailed View of transactions

To view transactions in Detailed View in PayPal, use this link (after you are already logged into your PayPal account.
Note: This link will log you into YOUR transaction classic view list assuming YOU are logged in alreaday.
If this does not work for you, please let me know....cause it worked for me :)

PayPal: View Shopping Cart button

Here's how to display the PayPal View Cart button button.
It can easily be inside a <li> tag. Just make adjustments for proper positioning

Use the following code (make sure to change the email address value):
<form target="paypal" action="" method="post">
<!-- Identify your business so that you can collect the payments. -->
<input type="hidden" name="business" value="" />
<!-- Specify a PayPal Shopping Cart View Cart button. -->
<input type="hidden" name="cmd" value="_cart" />
<input type="hidden" name="display" value="1" />
<!-- Display the View Cart button. -->
<input type="image" name="submit" border="0" src="" alt="PayPal - The safer, easier way to pay online" />
<img alt="" border="0" width="1" height="1" src="" />
One more thing: To keep the links from opening on a new page, change the target from "paypal" to "_self" to the form tag
Thanks to PayPal Integration Center for these tips

Printer Kernel_exec_st Error

I got this kernel_exec_st error on my HP Envy 5055 All-In-One Printer and found this quick fix:
On the printer display screen, press the WiFi icon. Then press the gear icon at the lower left corner.
Scroll down to, and press on, Advanced Settings.
Turn off the IPv6 and press Yes to confirm you want to shut it off.

BOT on Android location

The location on an Android phone where Overdrive downloads your BOT is found here: (after you connect your phone to your computer)
You can copy the mp3 files from your phone directly onto your computer and enjoy.

Phone: Folder shortcut using Astro

To create a shortcut on a homepage on your phone, get the app Astro and install
Long press on your home screen
Press Widgets
Long press and drag the Astro widget to your screen
A dialog box will open. Choose a folder you want. If you want the folder from your MicroSD card, click on the 'home' icon, then press 'SanDisk SD Card'
Locate the folder you want and tap on it. You'll see the files in that folder.
Press OK. It'll look like the OK is grey'd out, but it's not.

'Google Discover' removed from home page on phone as a screen

If you swipe your phone to the right, you'll see Google Discover as a full page on your phone.
To remove this completely, press and hold in a blank area of your home page.
Press on Home Settings.
Press on Swipe Access.
Choose Nothing (instead of Google Fee).
All gone.

Additional screens for more apps displayed

Default settings on the phone are for about 3 screens. But you CAN have more.
Go to the last screen. Press and hold on an icon and drag to the right.....drag as far as you can on the screen. A new screen will be created for you to add more icons.

Droid Rename Motorola Phone

Using a Motorola Droid Maxx X1080, you can rename the phone by going to:
Settings > Bluetooth.
At the bottom of the screen, tap on the 3 dots
Tap on Rename Phone
Type in the name you want to use, then tap on Rename

Quicken Historical Prices stopped

To stop getting historical prices and keep the total investing amounts the same until the next "Download Quotes" for the quarter:
Investing > Download Activity > Historical Prices
Click on Clear All
Click on only one investment that you know does NOT have a stock symbol (such as TSP)
Click on Update Now
Close the program and re-open.

Rollback not working with Zone Alarm Installed

After spending time with HorizonDataSys and trying to get Rollback v10 to work on a Windows 10 computer, a bright idea came to me....and I found the fix.
Symptom: A) RollBack locks up at 90% every time you try to take a Snapshot, B) Tray icon won't work, C) Program locks up when trying to create a Scheduled task, D) And when you CAN get a task scheduled, it won't work.
Fix: Add an IP address to ZoneAlarm as a trusted zone
Here are images to show you how and where to go
Click on View Details
Click on '...attempts blocked'
Take note of IP address (excluding the :80)

Click on View Zones

Add both IP's in a Trusted zone

SyncBack: Schedule the Profile Group

In Task Scheduler do the following:
Click on Create Task
Name it: SyncBack Backups
Run with highest privileges
Configure for Windows 10 (or whatever your current Windows version is)
Action tab:
Click on New / Start A Program / Browse the program files folder for syncback.exe file (2BrightSparks)
Arguements: add this    -m "00" (where "00" is the name of the SyncBack Profile Group
Conditions tab: Put check in the box for Wake The Computer to Run this Task
Settings tab:
Check in box for 'Run task as soon as possible after a scheduled start is missed'
Triggers tab:
New / Set for Weekly / Choose the start date & time that SyncBack is to run
Choose the day of the week backups are to run
Ensure Enabled is checked
Ok, then OK again, Close Task Scheduler.

SyncBack: Rename folder to add the date after backup

Having SyncBack run in the morning as usual, setup the following to rename G:\Desktop Backup    to G:\Desktop Backup 03-26-2012
That way, when SyncBack is run again, you'll have a new complete set of backups and keep the old.

Step 1:
Create a .bat file using Notepad with the following 4 lines of text:
FOR /F "tokens=1-4 delims=/ " %%I IN ('DATE /t') DO SET mydate=%%J-%%K-%%L
ECHO The value is "%mydate%"
rename C:\Users\Tracy\Downloads\Backup Backup-%mydate%
Change the folder directory as needed.
The above will change the folder from:
C:\Users\Tracy\Downloads\Backup-03/26/2012 (or whatever the current date is)
Save the file as "rename_folder.bat" (including the quote marks) into the root G:\ directory (or whatever folder you want)

Step 2:
After SyncBack is set up with the profiles
In Task Scheduler do the following:
Create a new task
Name it: Rename Backup Folder
Run with highest privileges
Configure for Windows 7
Action tab:
New / Start A Program / Browse for the G:\rename_folder.bat file
Settings tab:
Check in box for 'Run task as soon as possible after a scheduled start is missed'
Triggers tab:
New / Set for Weekly / Choose the start date on the same day that SyncBack runs
Set the time for about 5 hours after SyncBack is scheduled to run
Choose the same day of the week that SyncBack runs
OK and close the task manager

SystemExplorer reset Alt+Space to move a windows

Restore Alt+Space after installing SystemExplorer program
Press alt+space
Put a check in the box then press cancel
Press alt+space again and remove check and press cancel again
Alt+Space should now work with program windows

Verizon sending Text/Picture Messages

To send a text message from an email, the TO would be:
To send a picture/video message from an email, the TO would be:

Walmart Purchase History Search

After talking with Walmart on the phone, they do NOT have a system for consumers to do a 'Search' through their Purchase History if you are looking for a specific item. Hopefully they will come up with something. Maybe the more requests they get to have that option, the more likely they'll get something implemented. Until then you have to view each purchase one at a time.