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    You can order any item you see on our site that is already created.

    You can even choose your product and your fabric with no additional costs.

    With our special ordering procedures, we ensure that you get the lowest possible shipping & handling that we can offer. See below in the 'How To Order' section.

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Fabric Choices

* * * Large quantity of fabric choices * * *
Your choice of the project,
and your choice of the fabric.
Need a special theme fabric? Let us know what theme you are interested in and we will do what we can to obtain the fabric.
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How To Order

Direct online ordering is not available.
HOWEVER, all you need to do is put a check in the box for the product you are interested in on the Merchandise page then fill out the request form at the bottom. This is to ensure you get the product you want with the fabric of your choice, and to ensure that the fabric is still in stock.
Or you can call directly: (231) 519-2321 (mobile click)
An invoice will be sent to your email addresss via PayPal. (PayPal account not required).

Shipping is usually the same day or next day after payment is received for in-stock products.
Custom orders are usually shipped 2-3 days after order request is confirmed.

Mail Order Payments also accepted: Check or Money Order

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