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Fabrics Currently Available

On this page you will find fabric that I have available in stock
or that I can get on a regular basis.

Fabric displayed is not for sale.
It is only on display for fabric choices to have special order requests.

Note: Fabric does not always stay in print for restocking. However, I will do my best to locate the fabric of your choice


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Variety Fabrics

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Bandana Red

Beach Cats

Birds Blue

Birds Cardinals

Birds Vibrant

Black & White Dots

Blue Geo

Blue Dainty Flowers

Blue Flowers 2

Blue Outline Flowers

Blue Slides

Blue Soft Flowers

Brown Dots

Brown Swirls

Butterlies Blue

Butterlies Green

Butterlies Pink

Butterlies Purple

Camo Pink

Camo RealTreeĀ®

Camo Woods


Cats Paws

Checkerboard Tan



Chili Peppers

Clover Dark



Coke Red Base Words

Coke White Base Words

Coke Red

Coke Diamonds


Daisies on Yellow


Embossed White Roses

Ferns Green

Fish Bobbers

Fish Fly ties

Fish Jigs Tan

Fish Sketching

Fish Green

Fish Pastel

Floral Herb Garden

Floral Mixture

Friends Pink

Friends Blue

Friends Green

Gadabout B/W A

Gadabout B/W B

Gadabout A

Gadabout Red B

Gadabout Red C

Gold Leaves

Green Dill

Green Gold Vines

Green Dark Vines

Green Pre-Design

Green Petal Leaves

Gold Elegance 1

Gold Elegance 2

Gold Elegance 3

Gold Elegance 4

Hearts Cupids

Hearts Love

Hearts Red

Hearts Patchwork

Hot Pink Flowers

It's A Dogs Life


M&M's Lentilicious

Oak Leaves Strips

Olive Branches Peaceful

Olive Various Leaves

Orange Stitching Leaves

Orange Swirls

Palms & Hibiscus

Pine On Pine

Pink Flowers

Plaid With Stars

Purple Oil Slick


Rain on Green

Red Daisies Tiny

Red Pin Stripe Narrow

Red Pin Stripes Wide

Red Shells


Rosebuds Tiny

Rosebuds Tiny Green

Rosebuds Tiny Black

Roses Purple

Roses Quad



Sunflowers Vibrant

Sunflowers 2

Sunny Side Up

Teacher School Days

Tan Pink Flowers

Tan Print



Water Rocks


Wheat Blue

Wheat Tan



Yellow Sm.Stars

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Floral Petites

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Floral Petite 01

Floral Petite 02

Floral Petite 03

Floral Petite 04

Floral Petite 05

Floral Petite 06

Floral Petite 07

Floral Petitel 08

Floral Petite 09

Floral Petite 10

Floral Petite 11

Floral Petite 12

Floral Petite 13

Floral Petite 14

Floral Petite 15

Floral Petite 16

Floral Petite 17

Floral Petite 18

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General Designs

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General 01

General 02

General 03

General 04

General 05

General 06

General 07

General 08

General 09

General 10

General 11

General 12

General 13

General 14

General 15

General 16

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Tonal Blue Dark

Tonal Blue Sky

Tonal Teal

Tonal Teal Light

Tonal Blue Water

Tonal Brown

Tonal Gray Dark

Tonal Green Lobby

Tonal Green Dark

Tonal Olive

Tonal Peach

Tonal Pink

Tonal Purple

Tonal Red

Tonal Rust

Tonal Rust Light

Tonal Tan

Tonal Tan Light

Tonal Tan Cranston

Tonal Yellow

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Baby Blocks

Yellow Moons

Kid Animals

Hello Kitty Fleece

Curious George Fleece


Teddy Bears

Easter Bunnies


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Stars on Blue

Red White Stars

Star Heart Drawing

Flag Tiny

Gold Stars

Stars Patriotic

Red Gold Stars

Flag Gold

White Stars Lite Blue

Colorful Snowmen

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Denver Broncos

Detroit Lions


K-State Blocks

K-State All over

KU Blocks

KU All Over

KU White

Kansas Chiefs
Fleece or Cotton

Kansas City Royals

Univ. of Michigan

Univ. of Michigan White

Univ. of Missouri

New England Patriots

New York Giants

New York Jets

Pittsburgh Steelers

Washington Redskins

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Camo Trees


Hello Kitty

Cancer Awareness

Out of Stock

Curious George




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Quilted Black Flowers

Quilted Striped Flowers

Quilted Green Swirl

Quilted Leaves

Quilted Roses Black (Back)

Quilted Roses Black (Front)

Quilted Dragons

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Harvest Dark


Harvest Leaves

Christmas Tree Bulbs

Christmas Polar Bears

Holly & Pine Cones

Christmas Patches

Mrs. Clause Kitchen

Christmas Blue Snowman

Snowflakes On Red

Christmas Ornaments

Colorful Snowmen

Snowman Hearts Green

Christmas Penguin Strips

Christmas Berries Pattern

Christmas Canes & Bells

Christmas Decoration Mix

Holly On Red

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