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Windows Upgrade &
Clean Installation

Updated May 2023

Setup Windows 11 with new computer

United States > Yes
US > Yes
Second keyboard > Skip
UNCHECK connect automatically > connect
Input password
Click on Sign In
sign in my MS account (or using theirs)
Click on View More Options
Click on Set Up As New Device > Next
DO NOT USE RESTORE from a previous account
click on Create PIN > 0331
Remove settings except location > Next
Preferences > remove my info > Next
UNCHECK I've Read...and Use My Information
Skip & Decline

Upon getting to the desktop screen, do a WINVER.
If in "Windows Home in S mode", switch to regular mode:
Connect to the internet >
Settings > Do a search for S Mode and choose "Switch out of S Mode"
Click on S Mode > Open Store
Click on the "GET" button
Click on the Close to close the store button
Do a WinVer again.

Start > Settings > Accounts > Other Users > Add Account >
"I don't have this persons information"
Click on Add a user without a MS account
Enter name of user without password
Change Account Type to Administrator
Sign Out: Click on Start > click on my profile icon > Sign Out
Sign In to new user

To Remove MS Account
Go to Setting > Accounts > Other User > Remove > Account AND data
Restart Computer.


A) Ninite
    Classic Start
    Java (3rd in the list)
    Libre (if they don’t have Office)
Ninite again & get Team Viewer
Run Ninite Files

B) Open Settings > Pin to taskbar

C) Settings > Personalization > Taskbar
Turn off Widgets and Chat
Scroll down to Taskbar Behaviors > Taskbar alignment – choose Left if desired

D) Settings > System > Focus > Uncheck all boxes

    Settings > Accessibility > Visual effects. Turn on Always Show Scrollbars
Turn off Transparency Effects & Animation Effects.

E) In search box, type Control Panel > Pin to taskbar temporarily
Go to System & Security \System \ Advanced System Settings \ Performance Settings.
Uncheck boxes for Animate, Fade and Slide
Start Up & Recovery, uncheck Auto Restart
At the bottom, click on System & Recovery > Settings. Uncheck Automatically Restart Click on the tab for System Protection: click on Configure > Turn On System Protection Change Max Usage to about 20GB

F) Settings > Privacy & Security > General
Turn off all the “Let apps....” stuff

G) Explorer Ribbon Returned: (may and may not work)
(run the .reg file from my USB drive)
OR open Regedit manually and create the key manually:
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Shell Extensions\
On left side, right click & Create new key called: Blocked
On right side, right click & Create new String Value: {e2bf9676-5f8f-435c-97eb-11607a5bedf7}
Restart computer

H) Files Explorer click on View > Show > Hidden Items
Click on the 3 dots, then Options > Uncheck both boxes for “Show recently..." and "Show Frequently used files...”
Click on View > Show > UNCHECK "Item check boxes") Right click on left side in blank area and choose Libraries.
Check marks should be for: This PC, Networks and Libraries

I) Right click on desktop, View > Show More Option > View > Remove check for Align Icons To Grid

J) From my USB:
Copy Desktop Images into the Pictures folder
Copy 4 Pix, Restart, Shutdown, Adobe & CCleaner Updates to the desktop

K) Lock Screen
Lock screen Status...change to None
Change Background from Windows Spotlight to Picture
Uncheck "Get Facts, tips...."
Change back to Windows Spotlight or choose a picture

L) Choose what the power button does
Set all to Do Nothing > Save
Click on Change Plan Settings / Change Advanced Power Settings
In the section for Sleep, ensure Hibernate is set to Never
Closing the lid does: All should be set to Do Nothing

M) Settings > Notifications > Press Down arrow for Notifications. Uncheck all 3 boxes

N) Classic Shell:
Show Recent or Frequent Programs...change to Recent Programs
Custome Start Menu tab > make Downloads a link

O) Setup Chrome and default

P) Install Adobe Reader DC

Q) Create shortcuts for Libre Writer (swriter.exe) & Libre Calc (scalc.exe) to the desktop

R) Get CCleaner:
Options Settings: Set to Custom Clean
Uninstall OneDrive, McAfee, Microsoft 360, and any antivirus programs, or other unwanted ones.
Startup & Scheduled Tasks items
Run Cleaner to clean up.
Run Registry clean up

S) Get Routine document routine.pdf

T) Run Malwarebytes
    \ Security \Turn off Windows Startup
       Turn on all 4 Scan Options
    \ Account \ Deactivate Premium
Right click on systray icon and uncheck Start With Windows

U) IrfanView for images: Win11 screwed this
Run the file from my USB called FileTypesManager
Get it from: Softonics

V) Mouse & Touchpad controls:
Control Panel > Mouse > Change to Black Extra Large

W) Notifications: Settings \ System \ Notifications \
Click on the down arrow for Notifications. Then uncheck both Show Reminders, and All Notifications to play sound
Turn off One Drive, DropBox Microsoft Store & Suggested
Uncheck Offer Suggestions and Get Tips...
If needed for OneDrive: Right click on OneDrive in the systray \ settings \ Settings
Uncheck “start OneDrive automatically...” | Uncheck Notifications check boxes | OK
Right click on OneDrive again and Close OneDrdive

X) Turn on Night Light.


Y) Systray Icons:
Settings > Personalization > Taskbar > Other System Icons > Turn on Windows Security Notification Icons & Windows Update Status.
Turn off OneDrive if it's not already off

Z) If desired, Pin Microsoft Store, Simple Solitaire, and Solitaire Collection to the taskbar

AA) Bypass User LogOn:
Open regedit and navitage your way to:
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\PasswordLess\Device
and set the value to 0
If necessary, create the DWORD key and name it: DevicePasswordLessBuildVersion
and set the value to 0

BB) Organize Start Menu with Documents, Downloads, Pictures along the top row
Remove unwanted items in the Recommended list

CC) Win11 Start Menu Customized
Unpin any unwanted items
Pin any folders you want used.
Add desirerd apps

DD) Hide icon on search box:
Settings > Privacy & Security > Windows Permissions > Search Permissions > in the More Settings section, turn OFF Show search highlights


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