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Maintenance - Keeping a clean computer

Updated May 2023

Windows Computer Maintenance

This page will show you how to download, install and use the major programs to help keep your computer clean, running smooth, and (hopefully) keep you running a clean & junk free computer.
Part 1 will only have to be gone through once. When you get this section finished, the hard work is done.
Part 2 will be to just get the settings adjusted.
Part 3 will be how you run your programs and keep them up to date.

Note 1: If you are using Internet Explorer, it is HIGHLY recommended by MANY computer guru's that you NOT use it any more and convert to using Chrome. Internet Explorer is due to be phased out in the near future. If you choose to use Firefox, Safari, or any other browser, then some directions below will be different.

PART 1: Download & Install

First you'll get your 'Ninite' file. This will get the programs you need to get started AND it will update each of them in the future.
1) GET NINITE: for Chrome, Malwarebytes and (optional) TeamViewer, (optional) Classic Start
Open Chrome (or whatever browser you currently have)
In the address bar at the top, type:    then press {enter}
Scoll down and put check marks in the following boxes:
1) Chrome
2) Malwarebytes
3) Optional Checkbox: Teamviewer. If you want Bobbie or me to be able to log into your computer when you're in a jam and can't get things to work, then put the check in the box for TeamViewer.
4) Optional Checkbox: Classic Start. Before you check the box, check the section at the bottom of this page regarding the Start Menu. If you want the previous style of the Start Menu as shown in that section for the Windows 7 style, the in Ninite, put a check in the box for Classic Start the Utilities cateory on the Ninite page)

Now, with all checkboxes done, scroll down and click on the blue button that states "Get Your Ninite"
Look at the bottom left corner of the browser (see image) and you'll see a button that starts with the word Ninite. Click on that to start the installation. Be WILL start when it's ready. (If your using FireFox, look for the blue arrow on your toolbar for Downloads).

NOTE: If you're using IE or Edge, you may see a pop-up at the bottom asking if you want to Run, Save or Cancel (see image). Click on SAVE. Then click on RUN when the download is complete


Now, what ever you used, Ninite will now be installing and you'll see the following:

Click on the Show Details so you will know the progress and when it's done.

When it's complete, you'll see something like the the following. The center column will say OK, or OK (up to date). When all is OK and done, click on the Close button at the top right.

Open a File Explorer ( click on the yellow icon at the bottom of your monitor) and click on Downloads in the left column
On the right side, RIGHT CLICK on the Ninite file in there and choose Send To, then choose Desktop (create shortcut)
Close the File Explorer.

2) CCleaner
Open Chrome and go to:
This link will take you to CCleaner and automatically download your file. DO NOT click on ANYTHING on that page other than at the very bottom left corner where it shows you to "Click Here To Install". Click on that(see image below). (BE WILL start when it's ready) then minimize Chrome.

When CCleaner starts the installation, click on the button for INSTALL, as shown here:

You will then be shown another dialog box. UNCHECK the box for anything in there (like the CCleaner Browser), Then click on DECLINE. It will decline you for the additive (like the new browser, and will continue with the normal installation:

After installation is complete, just close the program and do not run it...not at this time.

That is the end of Part 1. All programs are installed (Chrome, Malwarebytes, CCleaner and (optional TeamViewer), along with Ninite for updating)


PART 2: Settings

Now you need to create a shortcut to the CCleaner page on your bookmark bar in Chrome (you'll need it to get updates).
Bring Chrome back up so you can see the page that shows at the top "Thank you for downloading CCleaner".
You may need to make a settings change in Chrome to display the Bookmarks bar. To do so, click on the 3 dots in the upper right corner of Chrome, then click on Bookmarks, then click on Show Bookmark Bar
To create a shortcut, in Chrome, at the end of the address bar (that says, click on the empty grey outline star. In the dialog box that pops up, in the top box, type CCleaner Update. In the 2nd box, change it to read 'Bookmarks Bar'. Click on Done.

If you know how, you can put the web site as a shortcut onto your desktop. Just rename it CCleaner Update

On your desktop, double click on the CCleaner icon.
On the left side click on Options.
In the top middle section click on Settings. On the right side put the dot in for Custom Clean
In the middle column click on Advanced (near the bottom).
On the right side at the top, put the dot in the circle for Advanced List
Setup of CCleaner is complete. Close the program.

On your desktop double click on the Malwarebytes icon. (image may vary)
( takes time to load)
Close the dialog box that shows about getting the premium version, if it displays.
Now on the left, click on Settings
Click on the tab called Protection
Scroll down to the Scan Option sections and click on Scan For Rootkits (to turn it on)
At the top, click on the tab called Account Details
At the very bottom click on the button that says "Deactivate Premium Trial"
Click on Yes, when it asks if you are sure you want to deactivate.
A pop-up will show in the lower right corner of your monitor. Put the dot in the circle for "I don't need realtime protection", then click on OK.
Click on the up-arrow down in the right corner of your monitor by the time.
While it's showing, right click on the icon for Malwarebytes. Then click on Start with Windows (this will actually REMOVE the check mark for you.

Lastly you should get a printout to keep track of when you've done your updates. A printout called Routine Maintenance has been created for your convenience (with instructions).
Go to the website of: Routine.pdf
This will automatically disply the PDF document.
First click on the button for Print, to make printout of your sheet.
Then click on the button to Download the document and save it in your Downloads folder.


PART 3: Regular Maintenance

Close all programs you have open before you do your maintenance.
You can use your printout for directions on how to do you monthly/weekly maintenance.
The following is the exact same thing you'll see on that printout (but without the pictures).

1) Run Ninite to update all programs. Double click on the Ninite icon on your desktop. This will update the maintenance programs (CCleaner, Malwarebytes & TeamViewer (if you made that choice).
If there is no icon on your desktop, look in your download folder for a the Ninite link and double click on it.

2) CCleaner - run this to get rid of all of the pesky temporary files
Start the program from the Desktop icon by double clicking on the CCleaner icon. (The icon may be on your Bookmark bar in your browser.)
IMPORTANT NOTE: If CCleaner says there's an update (see below for the dialog box), DO NOT accept it. CLICK ON NO and close the program.

Instead click once on the icon on your Bookmark (or double click on the desktop icon) called CCleaner Update. That will download the newest version.
If there is no CCleaner Update icon on your Bookmark bar or on your desktop, go to
Click on the icon in the bottom left corner of your Chrome browser to run the new installation
If using IE or Edge click on Run at the bottom of the screen.
For FireFox, look for the blue arrow on your toolbar for Downloads. Click to start the installation
Watch for the checkmark ! When installing you MUST remove the checkmark in the box in the lower left corner for additional programs (probably Avast)
After installed, double click the icon on the desktop again for CCleaner.

Run CCleaner
After opening the program click on the button for Run Cleaner (lower right corner)
After you first run the program, if you see that some things were 'Skipped', (probably Chrome, Firefox or Edge), close that specific program, then click on Run again
When cleaner is 100% complete and shows the results (with nothing skipped), run it again. After the 2nd time, you can close the program.

3) Malwarebytes - run this next to get rid of anything BAD left over
Start the program from the shortcut on the Desktop
    NOTE: If you are shown a dialog box about a 'trial expired', then do the following first.
    Open Malwarebytes, and X out of the dialog box (if you see it)
    Click on the gear icon at the top (between the bell icon and the ? icon)
    Click on Account
    Click on Deactivate in the colum for License Key
    All done. Close and reopen the program and you'll be all set.
Click Scan Now.
Your results will either be you're infected, or you have a clean scan (as shown in the 2 examples below).
If you're infected, click on the button for "Quarantine Selected" to get rid of any infections. You will probaby be prompted to restart your computer. Just click YES to restart the compter. If not prompted, restart the computer anyway and run the scan again.
If you received a clean scan, CONGRATULATIONS!! You can just close the program.


If you run your maintenance on a monthly basis, you'll be fine. Some people do it weekly...and that's ok too.



On a side note: Start Menu Change

Take a look at your start menu:
There are a LOT of people out there who liked the way the Start Menu used to look.

Remember when it looked like this:
And now it looks like this:


You can still have it look like it used to. It just takes installing a small little program that you can get with your Ninite. It's called Classic Start. And this is how you do the settings when the installation is complete:
Short-and-sweet: After it's installed with your Ninite, right click on the start button and choose Settings
Click in the dot above the last image for "Windows 7 Style"
Then put a check in the box for "Replace Start Button", and put the dot in for the Aero clam shell (or Classic, if you prefer)

When Windows 10 does an update, you may be asked if you want Classic Start to update its settings....just say YES when it happens. It's not often, but it'll need to be updated after Windows 10 does its thing.

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